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Saturday 1 Sep 2001 (My Birthday :) )
Well actually, I'm still designing the site (and it's not the 1st yet), but it's 2 hours away. Hopefully I can get this up in the near future (I'm thinking couple of hours hear), and then *sleep*! Oh yeah, and have a birthday party.

P.S. Please, if you do play with MeSsoN, drop me a line via e-mail... I'd love to know what you think (even rants won't be ignored).

Friday 31 Aug 2001 (Trinidad & Tobago Independance Day!)
For the last 3 days I've been fighting up with sourceforge (package release system etc.), and finally figured the system out.. (For future reference, it appears that you can't add a file to a release if it contains a space in its filename...) That and designing this website has absorbed most time, so I haven't managed to touch the code recently *shock*, all I can say is thank the Lord for WYSIWYG :).

Oh yeah, and my news release for MeSsoN has been added to the front page, now that is cool. Have fun all of you...

Wednesday 28 Aug 2001
With the sourceforge account created, and after some initial "preliminary" testing, (well actually I've been testing and fixing the project all through it's development cycle), MeSsoN is ready for release at the slightly odd version number of 1.0.2 and works.


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