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What is MeSsoN?
MeSsoN is an Open Source Macintosh MSN client. It has been written in REALbasic, and supports most of the MSNP2 specification, as well as a few commands not found in the official Microsoft MSNP2 Draft. This and more info about some of these "unofficial" commands, which were gleaned through packet sniffing, can be found linked in the Developer section of this site.
Why did I bother starting this project? The main reason was that I found Micrsoft's 1.0 Mac client inadequate (needless to say, Microsoft released version 2.0 of their MSN client, sporting MSNP6, a couple of weeks after I began MeSsoN). Also, I thought that I might have fun playing with this!

One of the main aims of this project is to emulate the features present in something like Everybuddy and handle many different IM protocols therefore replacing all those Communication apps I have on my Mac.

In doing so, I hope to have at some point a working implementation and description of MSNP6 which is not documented (as far as I know), and thus assisst those attempting to use and develop any other than MSN clone.

Another nice feature is, as this is almost completely written from within REALbasic (apart from the MD5 plugin), all the communications code will have been written specifically for this client (I presume), therefore making debugging and fixing a much easier process (even if it does slow down development somewhat).

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